podcast: a colleague describes the situation in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) on the second anniversary of a military coup

January 2023

biochar water treatment facilitator Pablo Yepéz holds another workshop
update on ongoing research, book sections, new website features...

November 2022

Our trainees travel to one another's communities for work exchange setting up water systems

September 2022

A new partnership to innovate and disseminate biochar water treatment in South America

August 2022

sorption science and agroecology

June 2022

and a DIY guide to gravel roughing filtration
out-of-sequence; upcoming book section

April 2022

Our latest paper was recently posted online in the journal Water Science published by the American Water Works Association (AWWA): Kearns, J. P…
Here’s the full citation: Kearns, J. P., Kennedy, A. M., & Shimabuku, K. K. (2022). Models for predicting organic micropollutant breakthrough in carbon…

March 2022

Our paper “Models for predicting organic micropollutant breakthrough in carbon adsorbers based on water quality, adsorbate properties, and rapid…
out-of-sequence; upcoming book section