Hi josh ,

This is kapil verma from india. I am a advertising photographer by profession. Planning to get into in farming bussiness. Actually i have been searching for good ans chemical free food for my family. I got it from the market but sometime i feel i can't completely trust on other people if they are giving organic food or not. So i decided to start a small farm for my family food requirements.

I am exploring alot about farming without chemical. For chemical free soil and water. As these 2 are most important thing for organic farming. So soil i have got all details. But as we know 70 percent requirement in the farming is water. Soil require less effort to make chemical free but water is a big problem.

Was going through with some of water filter but those are very costly and also these water filter can not purifier water for farming those are good for drinking water.

So xan you suggest mein a good water purifier system technology so that i can purify and chemical free water for my farm in a huge capacity.

Waiting for the reply.


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Dear Josh, by building your system i discover a big problem: The water will enter the pvc (which contains the string attached to the floater) and go up directly, without going through the gravel filter. So the construction containing the valve has to have a hole to let the string move freely enough, but the hole has to be as tiny as possible. How dis you solve this problem? I hoop that my question is clear enough. (With a drawing it would be more easy to explain). I hope you can help me there. Thank you!

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Will it remove arsenic?

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