Hi Josh, very interesting post. Looking farward for the next. If I may ask, do you have direction for low cost biochar activation (such as CO2 using offset gases) for PFAS sorption?

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We have worked on biochar activation or pseudo-activation methods a bit. Especially my colleague Matt Bentley has done a lot of this work. Some info can be found in his paper:

Bentley MJ, Kearns JP, Murphy BM, Summers RS. Pre-pyrolysis metal and base addition catalyzes pore development and improves organic micropollutant adsorption to pine biochar. Chemosphere, Vol. 286, Part 3, January 2022.

I'm going to circle back to this topic in coming months after we roll out our field lab biochar and water quality testing methodology. Activated biochar adsorbents will form a top tier of materials for comparison with non-activated gasifier chars, traditional anaerobic pyrolysis chars, etc.

Great question!

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