Chapters and book sections of our forthcoming manual for practitioners, "A Field Guide to Biochar Water Treatment."

and a DIY guide to gravel roughing filtration
out-of-sequence; upcoming book section
Here’s the full citation: Kearns, J. P., Kennedy, A. M., & Shimabuku, K. K. (2022). Models for predicting organic micropollutant breakthrough in carbon…
out-of-sequence; upcoming book section
Here’s the full citation: Aung, M.T., Shimabuku, K.K., Soares-Quinete, N. and Kearns, J.P. 2022. Leveraging DOM UV absorbance and fluorescence to…
4.3.3. Scaling approaches to predicting full-scale performance from RSSCTs
4.3.2. Rapid Small-Scale Column Testing with biochar (and other sorbents)
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